Meet The Performers

just-pete.jpg - largePete Raudaschl

Pete became involved in music at the age of fifteen whilst playing guitar, writing music and singing in various rock bands. He graduated from the University of New South Wales as a targeted graduate with a Diploma in Teaching and later achieved a Bachelor Of Education.

After ten years of teaching, Pete felt there was a better way of combining his passion for music and education and took leave in 2000 to launch “The Funky Bugs”. With immediate interest from the ABC, and with sponsorships secured from corporations such as Nutella and Volkswagen, the decision to pursue the Funky Bugs continues to be successful and rewarding. The rest as they say is history.


Lucy The Ladybug

Lucy's favourite hobby, when she's not eating aphids, is studying the months of the year. This is because she loves birthdays.


Billy The Bedbug

Billy loves to do just one thing - sleep in his pyjamas. Unlike most bedbugs, he doesn't bite. He's too busy sleeping.


Boris The Bee

Boris is a friendly Bee who sometimes forgets his manners. He tries to remember to say sorry, please, thank you, hello and goodbye.


Gertie The Grasshopper

Being a grasshopper Gertie likes to hop. She knows how important it is to exercise and stay healthy.